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Posted by ipony on January 20, 2009

Well…. Pony has new trick! L0L…. he decided  that he really likes to escape!  About a month ago, I had ridden… I was cooling him out, but it was really cold outside.  Fynn also that that. So I was walking him around in the barn, and he was really hot and sweaty.  (we clipped him in dec. but he’s like a wooly mammoth pony. =D) So I took his saddle off and was putting it away, I left him outside the tack-room… (Yeah yeah… shouldn’t have let him go like that. ) When I come back to get him he’s walking outside, with a strange expression on his wittle itty bitty pony face.   I DON’T run after him. =) I walk, but he knows I’m following… so he trots.  Victoria (a barn people) Was with me, I ran back inside to get some grain.  But by the time I got back outside, she had him.  Ever since then, he likes to “run” away.  He’s WAAAYYY to lazy to do much of anything else, but I heard from another person out there that he has had multiple escapes… The other day, when I was sick Victoria said she would ride him.  We get a text later telling us of another story of Fynn’s doing… This time, when Victoria was taking off his blanket in his stall, he made a run for it…  He actually RAN!  ( I know. a first!) They eventually chased him into a nearby pasture, but then he wouldn’t come to them.  He thought it was too much fun I guess!  He made it into a game.  Every time they got close he would look up and pretend that he would let them catch him, but at the last second he would bolt.  So whatever. I guess every pony, even good ones have there flaws. 🙂


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