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Looking back…

Posted by ipony on November 13, 2008

A year or two ago, I started riding, I am going to go past all this sort of stuff faster than I would want to,  okay anyway…  A year or two ago i started riding.  I started at a little reallyreallyreally beginner , and then I moved on to another barn, Fpf.  After try 4-6 horses and ponies, i found Summer! 😀

She was great!  -for the time being…  She was too green for me and I didn’t know half the stuff I needed to. I started with draw reigns before anybody else my age had ever known of them and did pretty good with them…i hope.  Then my mom found Fynn on a horsey advertising website!  He was fat… pretty fat!

At first he would buck, I got used to it.  Then mom and I were obsessing over hi none existent tail, tail bags, MTG and everything.  It hasn’t gotten much better, a little but not much.  We moved to where we are now after we sold Summer and are happy. 😀  Fynn is too!  Then, after a while, he got lame, we had the vet come out and see what was wrong and they said inflamed coffin bones and bad conformation, was making him lame, they gave him some very expensive shots, said all these technical  terms and medicines and told us not to ride him for a while.  He has new fancy shoes and he is doing better and we are now jumping more!  (YAY) So yup. that was it.  check back every day or so! 😀

Fynn and I

Fynn and I



My and Summer

My and Summer


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