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Posted by ipony on November 13, 2008

Okay, I drive my mom, m trainer, my BFF and pretty much everyone nuts with all my PINK stuff.  Is it just me or is hot pink and neon green stuff, MESMERIZING???  I LOVE it!!!! If the world didn’t have those colors, I really don’t know what I would do!!!  There isn’t a single reason (in m book. :p) that hot pink and neon green shouldn’t be the U.S.’s flag colors.  I think it would give it a  bit more “Prep” to the country!! 😀  Who’s with me??? 🙂 L0L.


2 Responses to “BLING BLING lol”

  1. Emma duh!!! said

    Well duh!!!!!!! and they hould add some nice spaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy purple 2!!!!!!!!!

  2. ipony said

    Totally. But I think hot pink it tackier… the tackier the better!!!

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